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Our Sustainability Principle

Our hotel undertakes to fulfill the obligations of the Turkey Sustainable Tourism Program regarding sustainability and to continuously  improve its sustainable management system in order to increase its sustainability performance. Due to the situation of the sector, enviromental, social, technological, economic and cultural risks, changes and updates stemming from the legislation, our management system in constantly reviewed, and if necessary, the system and policies are updated.

Thank you for your support in the sustainability activities we have carriedout at out facility.


We aim to carry out all possible modernizations for energy and water savings, thus giving the least damage to our nature, while saving money and with conscious resource management.


Another goal of ours is to use products with less polluting properties in all chemicals used for cleaning, disinfectant and other purposes in our facility, to keep the amount of use of these products at certain levels, and to make this process sustainable by training the team that will use them.


With the philosophy of clean production, conscious consumption and environmental protection awareness, we aim to help the planet’s scarce resources to be used in the most efficient way and to reduce the amount of waste, while separating our wastes at the source and contributing to the country’s economy by recycling recyclable wastes such as packaging waste.

Metro Tabelası

Istanbul Rail System Map

We support using public transportation to save environment !

Celcus Kütüphanesi
Image by Fatih Yürür
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